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Favorite Malice Mizer Band Member?: I can NOT choose >.<

Favorite Malice Mizer Singer? Klaha, hands down.

What Do You Like Best About Klaha? His voice! It sounds like an angel's.

Favorite Malice Mizer Song? right NOW: Seinaru toki eien no inori

Favorite Pride of mind song? n/a

Favorite Klaha (solo) Song? Marchen

Which Malice Mizer Song Do You Find The Most "Danceable"? LOL, but Illuminati...>.<

Favorite Malice Mizer PV? Garnet/ Shiroi

Favorite Malice Mizer Live? Bara no Seidou

Favorite Malice Mizer Album? Bara no Seidou

Favorite Malice Mizer Single? Shiroi/Garnet

Favorite Malice Mizer Bassist? (Is this question rigged? ^_~) YU~KI!!!

Favorite MM related dream? XD lmao, one where I was the dead girl in the shiroi PV and Klaha came out of my closet, and then Mana started throwing roses at him like he did to Kozi in Bara no Konrei O_O

Favorite MM set of Clothing? Uhm...I don't get the question...but I love the Sakai no chi to bara outfits

If Klaha Were An Inanimate Object, What Would He Be? a Teddy bear, lol

If Klaha Were An Animal, What Kind Would He Be? same as ^^^^^^^^^

What Language Does Klaha Sound the Sexiest Speak(sing)ing? [English/French/Japanese...?] Japanese! lol

What's the Craziest/Odd/Weird/Strange/Bizzarest thing you've done in displaying you're love of Malice Mizer? O_O that is between me and my lawyer, lol.

What is your favorite part of Klaha's body? XDDDD I could go ON and ON. eyes?

Which do you like Klaha better in? [Pride of Mind / Malice Mizer / Solo...?] MALICE MIZER!
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