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always in my heart

♥ Favorite Malice Mizer Band Member? Klaha!!

♥ Favorite Malice Mizer Singer? Klaha

♥ What Do You Like Best About Klaha? His voice,so manly yet so lovely theres much more to praise abt his voice..its just...indescribable

♥ Favorite Malice Mizer Song? Beast of Blood,gardenia

♥ Favorite Pride of mind song? Flower will bloom in future,angels of night

♥ Favorite Klaha (solo) Song? Marchen,hizashi,chameleon no seppun

♥ Which Malice Mizer Song Do You Find The Most "Danceable"? Mayonaka ni Kawashita Yakusoku,beast of blood

♥ Favorite Malice Mizer PV? Garnet

♥ Favorite Malice Mizer Live? shiroi hada ni kuruu ai to kanshimi no rondoooo

♥ Favorite Malice Mizer Album? all albums in klaha era!!

♥ Favorite Malice Mizer Single? Beast of blood

♥ Favorite Malice Mizer Bassist? Yu-Ki (he brought Klaha though)

♥ Favorite MM related dream? ...

♥ Favorite MM set of Clothing? Gardenia

♥ If Klaha Were An Inanimate Object, What Would He Be? rose

♥ If Klaha Were An Animal, What Kind Would He Be? cat

♥ What Language Does Klaha Sound the Sexiest Speak(sing)ing? English and japanese

♥ What's the Craziest/Odd/Weird/Strange/Bizzarest thing you've done in displaying you're love of Malice Mizer? hmm dance in my room and smile like a crazy gurl..ehehehe

♥ What is your favorite part of Klaha's body? eyes,lips,his broad shoulders..and love his side profile!!

♥ Which do you like Klaha better in? solo and in malice..hes just talented

klaha aishiteru...please come back...:( sobs
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