Madeline (kami_chama_luv) wrote in klahamalice,

Hello. I'm new

Hello. I'm the new person. I really like Klaha ^-^ Hopefully, not everyone will hate me here for liking Gackt. Gackt and Klaha are tied for being my favorite vocalist. I'm avid fans of both of them

♥ Favorite Malice Mizer Band Member? Everyone (except Tetsu)!! (I know, I'm lame, but I love them all, excluding Tetsu)

♥ Favorite Malice Mizer Singer? Tied between Klaha and Gackt

♥ What Do You Like Best About Klaha? His voice and his looks

♥ Favorite Malice Mizer Song? Au Revoir and Gardenia. Tied for my love

♥ Favorite Pride of mind song? never listened to them ;_;

♥ Favorite Klaha (solo) Song? Hizashi

♥ Which Malice Mizer Song Do You Find The Most "Danceable"? ...uhmm...Gardenia

♥ Favorite Malice Mizer PV? Too many...I like a lot of them

♥ Favorite Malice Mizer Live? I haven't watched very many, so I don't have one

♥ Favorite Malice Mizer Album? Merveilles

♥ Favorite Malice Mizer Single? Beast of Blood, Gardenia, Au Revoir, Illuminati, etc.

♥ Favorite Malice Mizer Bassist? Yu~ki (yes, it is rigged xD)

♥ Favorite MM related dream? sadly, I have had none

♥ Favorite MM set of Clothing? Gardenia for Klaha Era

♥ If Klaha Were An Inanimate Object, What Would He Be? hmm...I don't know. A picture? xD

♥ If Klaha Were An Animal, What Kind Would He Be? Kitty or maybe even a teddy bear

♥ What Language Does Klaha Sound the Sexiest Speak(sing)ing? Japanese, because his voice is sexy

♥ What's the Craziest/Odd/Weird/Strange/Bizzarest thing you've done in displaying you're love of Malice Mizer? Wearing shirts to school with their faces on it (I do it every year for Kami's b-day and death day)

♥ What is your favorite part of Klaha's body? Lips, eyes

♥ Which do you like Klaha better in? Tied between Malice Mizer and solo. He's friggin' adorable in his solo work, but he's sexy in Malice Mizer (well, he's sexy solo too, but he seems more adorable)
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