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konban wa

I can't believe i found this place sooner!!! to quote a character from Dragon Tales..."LOOOOVE IIIIIIIIT"

♥ Favorite Malice Mizer Band Member? first Yu~ki now him AND Klaha

♥ Favorite Malice Mizer Singer? although Gackt has an awesome voice Klaha's is pure heavenly

♥ What Do You Like Best About Klaha? his eyes and smile...more his face in general...oh yea did i mention his voice

♥ Favorite Malice Mizer Song? wow...pulling out the tough questions huh??? I can't choose just one though BoB is defintely there, I guess anything where Yu~ki and Klaha look very shexshy

♥ Favorite Pride of mind song? n/a

♥ Favorite Klaha (solo) Song? Transparent Wings and Chameleon

♥ Which Malice Mizer Song Do You Find The Most "Danceable"? Gekka and Ju te Veux

♥ Favorite Malice Mizer PV? *bites nails* ummm....can I get back to you on that??

♥ Favorite Malice Mizer Live? read above answer kudasai?

♥ Favorite Malice Mizer Album? as much as i LOVE Merveilles Bara no Seidou is definitely my fav

♥ Favorite Malice Mizer Single? you ppl don't make this easy!!... like I said before BoB is on there but there's SOOOOOOO many others too

♥ Favorite Malice Mizer Bassist? (Is this question rigged? ^_~)even if they did have more than one I'd still shout Yu~KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

♥ Favorite MM related dream? ummmm....that's a secret

♥ Favorite MM set of Clothing? i realy like the Garnet outfits/Au Revoir outfits and the "pop" outfits(those made me laugh)

♥ If Klaha Were An Inanimate Object, What Would He Be? my blowup doll...just kidding

♥ If Klaha Were An Animal, What Kind Would He Be? a sweet lil puttytat...

♥ What Language Does Klaha Sound the Sexiest Speak(sing)ing? [English/French/Japanese...?] i love anything.....but i guess i would say English, his voice gets low and sexy sounding(makes me shiver)

♥ What's the Craziest/Odd/Weird/Strange/Bizzarest thing you've done in displaying you're love of Malice Mizer? ummm....I'm making a halloween costume exactly the outfit wore by Yu~ki in Au Revoir(considering I live in a place where not many ppl have heard of MM that's weird)

♥ What is your favorite part of Klaha's body? his eyes and lips

♥ Which do you like Klaha better in? [Pride of Mind / Malice Mizer / Solo...?]MM AND solo

Well i guess that's it....if anyone knows how to combine two pictures and make them one please let me know...I don't have the program but i want it as my default pic..I'll send the pics to you through email or something..

I'm so happy to finally have found this place, ppl get tired of hearing how obsessed I am *goes searching for a Yu~ki one*
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