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Hey there people. I'm very, very new to this scene. I've been a Malice Mizer fan for a total of 3 weeks. As it is, I've has Beast of Blood running through my head for the entirety of those 3 weeks. It's been fun. That being said, this will probably be the saddest survey to grace this community at the given time.

By the way, if anyone's interested, I have the vocal lines from a Malice Mizer song or two (among other bands) noted out. I did it on the flute, and it's just the note names themselves written down(no staff), so octaves and rhythms are for you to figure out, but if anyone's interested in having them I could post them. I shall figure out more as time passes, but for now I have Bois de Mervilles, and transylvania, but I might do Beast of Blood or Illuminati next.

♥ Favorite Malice Mizer Band Member? Klaha is first, Yu~ki is second because I love the bass lines in Malice Mizer, and Mana and Kozi make a close, close third. Gackt takes fourth and Tetsu rates a low fifth.

♥ Favorite Malice Mizer Singer? Klaha, he's got an awsome voice.

♥ What Do You Like Best About Klaha? The voice I'd say. Well, and the beautiful face...

♥ Favorite Malice Mizer Song? That's a hard one. Especially since I only know 14. Beast of Blood, Bois de Mervilles and Transylvania. (Who does the vocals for transylvania?)

♥ Favorite Pride of mind song? N/A

♥ Favorite Klaha (solo) Song? N/A

♥ Which Malice Mizer Song Do You Find The Most "Danceable"? Illuminati

♥ Favorite Malice Mizer PV? Beast of Blood

♥ Favorite Malice Mizer Live? Illuminati

♥ Favorite Malice Mizer Album? N/A

♥ Favorite Malice Mizer Single? Beast of Blood

♥ Favorite Malice Mizer Bassist? (Is this question rigged? ^_~)Has there been more than one????

♥ Favorite MM related dream? Only the day dreams involving...well...I shouldn't talk about it...;)

♥ Favorite MM set of Clothing? Ooo, I like Yu~ki's suit from the Beast of Blood Vid. That was my Halloween costume.

♥ If Klaha Were An Inanimate Object, What Would He Be? A statue

♥ If Klaha Were An Animal, What Kind Would He Be? A Panther

♥ What Language Does Klaha Sound the Sexiest Speak(sing)ing? [English/French/Japanese...?]Hm...I can't pick.

♥ What's the Craziest/Odd/Weird/Strange/Bizzarest thing you've done in displaying you're love of Malice Mizer? Dressed up as Yu~ki for Halloween and printed off a picture so I could show everyone the inspiration for my costume.

♥ What is your favorite part of Klaha's body? I rather like the eyes, but he has nice hair too.

♥ Which do you like Klaha better in? [Pride of Mind / Malice Mizer / Solo...?]Malice Mizer, by default.
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