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Ok gang, I have some internet access this weekend, so I'll re-upload some things for you... Here's a list of the Klaha-related goodness I have, request as much as you like and I will get them up for you ^_^

Pride of Mind
Systems of Romance - full album
Early Demos

Live performance, unknown song

Malice Mizer
Bara no Seidou full album
Gardenia single
Beast of Blood single
Garnet single
Gardenia Tour 2001, Live (13 mp3s)

Gardenia PV MTV version
Gardenia PV MTV version with subs
Gardenia PV Cardinal version

Garnet PV MTV Version
Garnet PV Cardinal Version

Beast of Blood PV
Making of Beast of Blood

Chollian and Gensou Rakuen live
Houkai Jokyoku live
Shiroi hada ni kuruu ai to kanashimi rondo live
Kioku to Sora live
Beast of Blood Shockwave performance

Hotwave Interview 1
Hotwave Interview 2
Hotwave Interview 3

Gardenia Interview

Bara no Seidou interview / promo thing

Societe de Parente

Bara no Konrei
Making of Bara no Konrei

Setsubou full mini album
Marchen full single
Nostal Lab full album

Live 2003 (19 mp3s)

Stay in the Rain PV
-scape- With Transparent Wings PV

TVK Music Chat interview (the "red scarf" interview)

Klaha - Silver and Cold
Klaha x Mana - Close Yet Far
(... which were both made by me. I've never seen any other Klaha fanvids available!)

Also, if you haven't read my Gackt vs Klaha comic... you should. Because it will make Peff happy XD

cult_of_klaha / klahamalice
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